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Time Slows All Computers — Mac Geek Gab 924

Google email is no longer free, Preview has Zoom, iPadOS has Low Power Mode, and you can use Spotlight and Screenshots for notes. Also learn the best ways to remote access into your Mac from your iPhone while you're on the road.

Clouding As a Verb — Mac Geek Gab 923

It's true, we "cloud" things now. It's a thing. On top of that, iCloud Private Relay is also a thing, and it's not necessarily a good one yet. But it's in beta, so give it time. Plex's new Discovery Watchlist is also in beta, with similar results. No worries, your three favorite geeks talk you through all of this and more. Listen as Pilot Pete, John F. Braun, and Dave Hamilton share your quick tips, some Cool Stuff Found, and mostly answer your questions to ensure we all learn five new things from this week's episode. Press play and enjoy!

Rabbit Holes and Adjacent Universes — Mac Geek Gab 921

Quick Tips rule the day here, with Pete, John, and Dave sharing how to stop Facebook from disabling your audio, finding menu items in macOS, connecting two sets of AirPods to your Apple TV and much more. Your questions are answered, too, about blocking websites, parental controls, Disabling 5G and more. But it's the Rabbit Hole Tangents that your three favorite geeks dive down which make things fun, isn't it? Press play and learn five new things...including learning where this episode really goes!

Once You Go Mac, You’ll Never Go Back — Mac Geek Gab 920

John, Dave, and Pilot Pete get together from not just three different time zones, but two different countries! They talk about macOS 12.3, the best upgrade migration path, SXSW 2022, and more. Quick Tips include a new Force Quit shortcut, putting iCloud Drive on your Desktop, and much more. Press play and enjoy learning five new things with your three favorite geeks!

From Apple to Vigorish — Mac Geek Gab 919

Learn about a portable screen for your laptop, how to reset your Apple mouse, how to resolve Safari errors and more with Pilot Pete, John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton this week. Of course, there are lots of (fun?) tangents your three favorite geeks take you on, as well, PLUS the first "Strange Things Found" inclusion in seventeen years. All this and more, just press play and enjoy!

Geeky Reactions to Apple’s Peek Performance Event — Mac Geek Gab 918

Dave, John, and Pilot Pete come together hot on the heels of Apple's Peek Performance Event to share their hot-takes with you. Listen as your three favorite geeks' thoughts about the new hardware evolve before your very ears...what do they think about the new Mac Studio, Studio Display, M1 Ultra, and more? Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

I’m Pretty Much a Doctor Now? — Mac Geek Gab 917

Dave's back from his first international travel in two years and has some travel tips to share regarding mobile data service, AirTags, portable speakers, portable shoes, decking out your hotel room, tech-style, and much more! On top of that there are a bunch of Quick Tips from y'all which needed sharing and some questions which needed answering. Thankfully John stayed back, manned the office, and kept the mailbags from overflowing! Listen as your two favorite geeks tear through all this and more in the effort to ensure we all learn at least five new things together!