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This week on Mac Geek Gab 1023, Pilot Pete, Adam Christianson, and Dave Hamilton dive deep into the tech that enhances your Apple ecosystem experience, starting with Adam’s anticipation for his Vision Pro arrival. Obsessing over sound quality, they share insider tips on using StreamYard, Audio Hijack Pro’s Speech Isolation, and RX Voice De-Noise to elevate your audio game.

Quick tips abound, from a Finder file preview trick with TextSniper to utilizing Apple Vision Pro and Zeiss Inserts for an enhanced visual experience. macOS Sonoma’s new feature allows you to set limits on Time Machine backup space usage, and for the international traveler, Joe’s query on using Mint Mobile internationally under the new Minternational Plans is addressed. Also, don’t miss out on Siri’s new ability to read messages in non-English languages with iOS 17.4, and master your Mac Messages with keyboard shortcuts for efficiency in communication.

Your questions spark intriguing discussions, from iCloud’s HEIC upload conundrum to searching for a superior macOS photo manager, with Mylio Photos standing out as a prime recommendation. Troubleshooting “Significant Location” settings on iOS, ensuring message synchronization across devices, and displaying your current Wi-Fi network name without a deep dive into settings are all tackled.

Discover new gadgets in Cool Stuff Found, like Spigen’s ArcField Watch Stand, Anker’s foldable MagGo Wireless Charging Station, and the cost-saving Chipolo “Perfectly Imperfect” FindMy Card. As always, remember, Don’t Get Caught unprepared in the fast-evolving tech landscape. Dive into these discussions and tips to stay ahead, and never miss a beat in optimizing your Apple experience.

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Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton is a podcaster, a publisher, and a nerd who has spent the past three decades of his career educating thousands of computer users. In addition to Mac Geek Gab podcast (now in its 19th year!), Dave is co-host of Business Brain and Gig Gab, two other shows to check out! Dave is also the co-founder and CEO of BackBeat Media, a boutique network of podcasts and websites that represents fiercely-independent publishers, of which Dave considers himself one. He has been involved in online publishing since 1998, when he co-founded The Mac Observer, a popular Apple news site which was acquired in 2021. Technology isn't the only thing Dave's a nerd about: he's also a drummer, playing in Bitter Pill, Fling, and various other projects in and around the New Hampshire seacoast where he and his wife, Lisa, live and raised their two children. Dave's reachable for a limited amount of paid consulting at DaveTheNerd.com and you can find to him on Mastodon, Bluesky, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, too!


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