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macOS Sierra is almost upon us, and there are already some great tips and tricks to share. Some follow-up from our recent deep dive into Backups is included, too, as well as lengthy discussion about Amazon's Alexa vs. HomeKit!Chapters:

00:01:29 iPhone 7
00:07:00 Migrating to a new iPhone
00:08:44 iPhone 7 Home Button
00:09:31 Touch ID trick works on iPhone 7
00:10:25 Taking RAW/DNG Pictures on iPhone 7
00:12:17 Amazon Alexa is Winning big over HomeKit
00:25:24 SPONSOR: Other World Computing
00:27:53 SPONSOR: Bare Bones Software
00:33:43 Mr. X-macOS Sierra Tips
00:35:21 Tanel-iOS 10 / macOS Sierra Photos Memories
00:36:30 Be aware of your Location Services Settings in iOS
00:42:06 Jim-614-Power Supplies and Switching
00:43:20 Mike-621-EURion Constellation
00:46:02 Bill-621-Store License and Passport in 1Password
00:47:04 Wesson-621-Driver’s License Digital Storage
00:51:31 Leon-619-Protecting Against a Security Breach
00:55:24 Rick-Photos Export Followup (were you able to replicate this, John? I am not)
01:03:11 Ric-621-Screens for Mac vs. iOS
01:04:38 Jon-622-Powered Switch Battery Backup Idea
01:06:50 Dave-622-Oppo HA-2 DAC
01:09:04 David-620-Backup Clarifications
01:12:25 Jeff-620-Backups Follow-up and Chickens vs. Eggs
01:15:00 Greg-620-SpinRite
01:17:10 Ken-620-Protecting Your Clone
01:20:34 Kurt-620-QRecall and ZFS on the Mac
01:27:00 ProDOS 2.4 Update

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