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iOS 16 is out and your three favorite geeks take you through their favorite features…some of which are hidden in plain sight! That’s not all, though. Your questions are answered, your Quick Tips are shared, and Dave even throws in a Cool Stuff Found for you, Pete, and John, too. Plus, a discussion about the evolution of MGG is here, too…but not without providing you with value first. Press play and enjoy learning five new things with the MGG Family!

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Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton co-founded both The Mac Observer and BackBeat Media, and he is producer and co-host of TMO’s Mac Geek Gab Podcast. He has worked in the computer industry since the early 1990s, doing time as a consultant, trainer, network engineer, webmaster, and programmer. He has worked on the Mac, all the various Windows flavors, BeOS, a few brands of Unix, and it is rumored he once saw an OS/2 machine in action. Before that he ran some of the earliest Bulletin Board Systems, but most of the charges have since been dropped, and not even the FBI requests that he check in more than twice a year. Dave's reachable for paid consulting at DaveTheNerd.com and you can find links to him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ here, too.


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