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Welcome to Mac Geek Gab 976 for Monday, April 10th, 2023! Today, your three favorite geeks – Dave Hamilton, Pilot Pete, and John F. Braun – are here to guide you through a fascinating episode filled with Quick Tips, app recommendations, and troubleshooting advice. Remember, our motto is: Don’t Get Caught!

Let’s dive into the agenda and see what’s in store for this episode!

Quick Tips

00:00:00 – Kicking off with Ral605’s question on taking a screenshot of a full webpage on iPhone, we’ve got a range of Quick Tips to enhance your Mac experience. We’ll discuss restoring Apple Watch functionality in Safe Mode, managing Apple TV apps, monitoring Migration Assistant progress, and using a hub with your iPad.

Love for MacBook Pro Touch Bar & USB-C Thunderbolt Ports

00:14:14 – We share our appreciation for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar and the extra two USB-C Thunderbolt Ports on the larger MacBook Pro. Learn about the Better Touch Tool and GoldenChaos-BTT to get the most out of your Touch Bar.

Apple Music, Sleep Tracking, and iPhone Shortcuts

00:21:38 – Joe has a question about making Apple Music Classical work with Carplay, then we discuss sleep tracking with Apple Watch and a Quick Tip from Jason on selecting multiple items on your iPhone.

Troubleshooting & Tips

00:34:24 – We tackle various questions and issues from our listeners, including dealing with failing drives, using Tailscale and VPNs, Bluetooth connection issues, Apple Watch Lock Screens, and eSIM vs. Physical SIM. We also touch on macOS 13.3’s external drive issue with home directories and the benefits of learning about Focus Modes.

Virtualizing Monterey on Apple Silicon Macs

01:14:56 – Doug asks about virtualizing Monterey on an Apple Silicon Mac, and we delve into the possibilities and potential issues.

Outtro and More

01:18:06 – We wrap up Mac Geek Gab 976 with a special thanks to CacheFly for providing bandwidth, and remind you to check out Pilot Pete’s Aviation Podcast “So There I Was,” Dave’s Business Brain (for entrepreneurs) and Gig Gab (for working musicians) podcasts. Don’t forget to explore MGG Merch, the Mac Geek Gab YouTube Page, and the Mac Geek Gab Live Calendar!

Stay connected with us through [email protected], 224-888-GEEK, the Mac Geek Gab iPhone app, and our list of Active MGG Sponsors and Coupon Codes. And remember, as always, Don’t Get Caught!

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Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton is a podcaster, a publisher, and a nerd who has spent the past three decades of his career educating thousands of computer users. In addition to Mac Geek Gab podcast (now in its 19th year!), Dave is co-host of Business Brain and Gig Gab, two other shows to check out! Dave is also the co-founder and CEO of BackBeat Media, a boutique network of podcasts and websites that represents fiercely-independent publishers, of which Dave considers himself one. He has been involved in online publishing since 1998, when he co-founded The Mac Observer, a popular Apple news site which was acquired in 2021. Technology isn't the only thing Dave's a nerd about: he's also a drummer, playing in Bitter Pill, Fling, and various other projects in and around the New Hampshire seacoast where he and his wife, Lisa, live and raised their two children. Dave's reachable for a limited amount of paid consulting at DaveTheNerd.com and you can find to him on Mastodon, Bluesky, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, too!


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