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In this episode of Mac Geek Gab, Pilot Pete, John F. Braun, and Dave Hamilton start with some Quick Tips shared by the audience. Bruce, Erik, Ben, and Wayne share the tip of using Cmd-Shift-Period for showing hidden/invisible files in Finder. Scott shares a better way of navigating messages on Mac, while Henry provides more Safari address bar navigation tips. The group also discusses changing Twitter 2FA to a one-time password if you lose text message 2FA support and logging your router’s MAC address if you’re on fiber.

The show then moves on to answering listeners’ questions and sharing tips. Jedd asks why Apple Maps became a data hog, and the group discusses the merits of using private networks for iOT devices. Robert suggests using Tailscale as your inbound/outbound VPN, and the group talks about the recently improved Tailscale Free Plan. Craig shares an issue with HomeKit cameras regularly going offline and how HomeBridge can help. John’s Apple Watch stopped unlocking one of his Macs, while Mike’s Apple Watch and phone are on different carriers. Finally, Curt wonders if Apple stopped warning users about macOS memory usage.

The show concludes with some Cool Stuff Found. Your three favorite geeks shares the Juice-Jack Defender Plug, a portable charger battery for Apple Watch, and a TerraMaster TNAS F4-423 that costs $499 on Amazon.

If you’re looking for quick tips, answers to your tech questions, or just some cool stuff to check out, Mac Geek Gab 979 has it all. Tune in and join the conversation!

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Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton co-founded both The Mac Observer and BackBeat Media, and he is producer and co-host of TMO’s Mac Geek Gab Podcast. He has worked in the computer industry since the early 1990s, doing time as a consultant, trainer, network engineer, webmaster, and programmer. He has worked on the Mac, all the various Windows flavors, BeOS, a few brands of Unix, and it is rumored he once saw an OS/2 machine in action. Before that he ran some of the earliest Bulletin Board Systems, but most of the charges have since been dropped, and not even the FBI requests that he check in more than twice a year. Dave's reachable for paid consulting at DaveTheNerd.com and you can find links to him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ here, too.


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