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In this episode, hosts Dave Hamilton, John F. Braun, and Pilot Pete kicked off with listener Dan’s quick tip on how to select groups of photos on iPhone rapidly. Dan discovered that swiping from left to right, starting from the first desired photo and scrolling downwards without lifting your finger, allows you to select multiple photos in subsequent rows. This efficient method helps you add numerous photos to a shared album swiftly.

As always, the hosts continued to share their cool finds and answer listener queries. They emphasized the magic of the ‘Option’ key in Finder that can unfold all ‘Get Info’ details. When you’re looking at the Get Info screen and all the triangles are twisted closed, hold down the Option key while opening one of them; they will all open simultaneously. This also applies when you’re in the Finder itself. Option clicking can either twist them all open or closed at once.

In addition, the Option key can be utilized in several other handy ways. For instance, holding down the option key and clicking the keyboard brightness key opens up the monitor system preference. Similarly, if you option click the volume up or down button on your keyboard, it will open up the sound system preference.

The hosts were particularly impressed by a feature they discovered this week. When using a scroll bar, instead of trying to grab and drag the little handle, you can option click anywhere in that scroll bar, and it will jump the scroll point to that point. This feature can be a game-changer when navigating through long documents or web pages, making scrolling a breeze.

In this episode, Pilot Pete brought an intriguing eSIM tip to the table. One of the listeners, Joao, shared his experience about buying an eSIM in China, which helped him bypass most VPN restrictions. This came handy while traveling, as it solved the Regional Data issue.

Add to this some fantastic discussion about Passkeys as well as your questions answered, and it’s action-packed!

Stay tuned for more insightful tips, tricks, and tech tidbits in the upcoming episodes. Don’t forget to sign up here to get shownotes delivered to your inbox every week. Remember, “Don’t Get Caught” without the latest tech wisdom from your favorite Mac geeks!

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