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Welcome back, Mac Geeks! In this episode of Mac Geek Gab, your go-to podcast for all things Mac, our hosts Dave Hamilton, John F. Braun, and Pilot Pete dive deep into the digital waters of Apple’s ecosystem, covering everything from Quick Tips to solving your burning questions. So, strap in and Don’t Get Caught in the whirlwind of tech unaware!

Quick Tips to Streamline Your Apple Experience

After our usual friendly banter, we kick off the show with a series of Quick Tips that can completely transform the way you interact with your Mac and other Apple devices:

  1. Press-and-hold on your iPhone to prioritize an app update. No more waiting for that crucial app to finally update!
  2. Learn how to set default scrolling options on your Mac, thanks to listener Bill. This will certainly smooth your navigation experience.
  3. Patrick shares a handy tip on using multiple search/filter terms in Mail. Don’t let your inbox overwhelm you!

Avoiding Hidden Dangers: Keeping Your AirPods Safe

It’s crucial to remember that hiding your AirPods inside RFID protected places isn’t the best idea. Why? Tune in at 00:16:17 to find out!

Making the Most of Your Apple Watch and iPhone

We delve into how you can run multiple timers on your Apple Watch and discuss the peculiar fact that the iPhone can’t do this just yet. PCUnix shares a nifty trick to force your iPhone to unlock your Watch, while Scott enlightens us with a shortcut to allow or disallow unknown callers using Siri. We also explore the latest features introduced in iOS 16.5 and macOS 13.4, such as Siri commands for screen recordings and a solution to the slow Bluetooth issue.

Your Questions Answered and Tips Shared

The most rewarding part of hosting Mac Geek Gab is answering your questions and sharing your tips. In this episode, we tackle several intriguing topics:

  1. Michael’s query about receiving notifications on both his Phone and Watch.
  2. Nick’s question about replacing leading spaces before punctuation. We delve into the utility of Rocket Typist and TextExpander in this context.
  3. HarveyH’s uncertainty about changing a drive’s name in Finder.
  4. InfamousJohnnyB’s issue about unmounting specific volumes for specific users.
  5. And Gordon’s struggle with the Fontbook App when attempting to make collections.

Cool Stuff Found: Enhance Your Mac Life

We wrap up the episode with some of the coolest finds, including a smart plug power strip compatible with HomeKit and Alexa, an Aura Frame for displaying and sharing photos, and Ventura’s AUSoundIsolation Plugin to magically remove background noise.

In the end, though Mail Doesn’t Get The Hint, you can stay ahead of the curve with Mac Geek Gab, ensuring you Don’t Get Caught unprepared in this rapidly evolving tech world. So, tune in to this episode and elevate your Apple ecosystem experience today!

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Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton is a podcaster, a publisher, and a nerd who has spent the past three decades of his career educating thousands of computer users. In addition to Mac Geek Gab podcast (now in its 19th year!), Dave is co-host of Business Brain and Gig Gab, two other shows to check out! Dave is also the co-founder and CEO of BackBeat Media, a boutique network of podcasts and websites that represents fiercely-independent publishers, of which Dave considers himself one. He has been involved in online publishing since 1998, when he co-founded The Mac Observer, a popular Apple news site which was acquired in 2021. Technology isn't the only thing Dave's a nerd about: he's also a drummer, playing in Bitter Pill, Fling, and various other projects in and around the New Hampshire seacoast where he and his wife, Lisa, live and raised their two children. Dave's reachable for a limited amount of paid consulting at DaveTheNerd.com and you can find to him on Mastodon, Bluesky, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, too!


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