In this episode of Mac Geek Gab, Pilot Pete and Dave Hamilton take you on a tour of Cool Stuff Found and answers to pesky questions…with a little story time thrown in for good measure!

Kicking off Cool Stuff Found, MarkM introduced a savvy shortcut, allowing users to harness the power of the Shazam widget on the Apple Watch to identify songs swiftly. Walter stepped into the limelight with his endorsement of ChronoAgent. This tool is a must-have for those keen on syncing Logic files between two Macs, be it locally or remotely. Andrew, not to be outdone, shone a light on NETGEAR LTE modems, providing users with a reliable solution for internet failover protection. TNPapa’s praise for ShareMouse resonated with listeners, especially for those eager to share their keyboard and mouse effortlessly between a Mac and PC. Meanwhile, Dave piqued interests with his discovery of a CarPlay app, offering real-time weather maps for drivers. He also captivated audiences with a memorable anecdote about Steve Jobs, who personally ensured the inclusion of Mac Geek Gab in the iTunes podcast directory during its initial phase.

As the episode unfolds, Rosemary Orchard’s company, Snailed It, took center stage. The tech community will be thrilled to hear that they plan to honor the legacy of the late iOS developer Alex Hay. They pledge to continue the development of his essential Mac apps, ensuring his innovations live on. Jeepster then discussed the wonders of the OpenCore Legacy Patcher, a tool that breathes new life into older, unsupported Macs by allowing them to run new macOS versions.

Dave returned to the spotlight with his recommendation of SODI’s adjustable MagSafe mount, an ingenious device for those wishing to use their iPhone as a Continuity Camera. Paul, an aficionado of the entertainment world, championed Callsheet, a platform that provides a deep dive into intricate movie and show details. And for the photography enthusiasts, Pete’s suggestion of the Aureday flexible tripod is a game-changer, transforming iPhones into versatile webcams.

Answering your questions, Dave and Pete joined forces to provide crucial tips for the Mac community, offering insights on keyboard shortcuts and target disk mode. Their expertise was evident when they assisted Mr. Ed with extracting data from an older Mac. Kirit’s inquiry about integrating Xfinity’s Storm Ready Wi-Fi with personal routers led to a pivotal piece of advice: there are times where it makes sense to opt for a double NAT setup over bridge mode. Interestingly, it was highlighted that Sonos requires a Wi-Fi password to operate, a welcome requirement in today’s tech landscape. Pete, always vigilant about security, underscored the importance of disabling router default admin accounts. Lastly, Gary’s quest for an efficient way to scan QR codes on the Mac culminated in the recommendation of the QR Scan app.

Tune into Mac Geek Gab for these insights and immerse yourself in the riveting world of tech!

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